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Job Title: Claims Adjuster


Job Summary:

  • Conduct research and analyze evidence, documents, and police reports in order to fairly settle claims

  • Examine existing insurance policies and determine the extent to which damage is covered

  • Coordinate with appropriate parties, such as mechanics and repair shops to repair damage

  • Write and submit comprehensive reports detailing all findings from research, interviews, site visits, and policy stipulations

  • Negotiate claims settlements using expertise and research-based judgments

  • Solve problems and brainstorm solutions to reach the best ethical and financial outcomes



  • Verify that the insurance policies in question exist and examine terms and stipulations as they relate to claims

  • Conduct interviews with claimants, witnesses, and all involved parties to obtain a full picture of events detailed in each claim

  • Perform accident site visits as necessary to observe evidence and make judgments

  • Research the costs of repairing all damages mentioned in the claim, and seek out quotes from mechanics, repair shops, or similar vendors to compare prices

  • Examine documentation, police reports, and all other pieces of evidence provided in the claim

  • Brainstorm creative solutions to bring to the claims negotiation process


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of typical industry insurance policies and the claims process

  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, for speaking with claimants, witnesses, and lawyers throughout the claims process

  • Strong time-management skills, as some tasks will be time sensitive

  • Commitment to providing ethical judgment

  • Strong problem-solving capabilities

  • Ability and willingness to occasionally travel for site visits


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Claims adjuster license

  • Advanced knowledge of the industry

  • Strong claim negotiation skills

  • Ability to learn new software quickly

  • Excellent research skills

  • Advanced writing skills

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