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Coaching Services

C. Renee McLain and the associates of McLain Enterprises have a combination of 20+ years of diverse Human Resources experience and over 15 years of Coaching, Mentoring and Motivating new and seasoned career professionals, entrepreneurs, corporatepreneurs and business owners.   We enhance lives by engaging with our clients to equip them to reach their fullest potential.  


Career Strategy & Professional Development

Are you looking for a new career or to enhance your current one? We can provide you with the steps and resources to do either or both. Are you looking to change your career?  We can give you guidance with the latest trends to successfully make the transition.  Do you need to revamp your resume? We can upgrade your current one and customize it to your desired relevant position. Would you like to modify your LinkedIn profile? We can help you project an outstanding professional image. Nervous about your upcoming interview? We also provide Interviewing Tips and Techniques that you can easily apply with confidence. Contact us to learn the 10 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job.  


Successful Life Coaching

We will help you to develop in the professional and personal areas of your life where you may be challenged, and equip you with the confidence to live the Successful Life you've always wanted to live.


Are you having difficulty with work/life balance?  Do you need to become more organized?  Could you use help with Time Management?  We can put together an effective strategy to affect change, productivity and enjoyment of life.


Do you ever have difficulty putting what you really want to say into words? Let us help you...whether it is a writing assignment, a book, or speaking to individuals, a civic or corporate group, we can help you put it all together to confidently present your message. 


We will equip you with the proper tools to develop and excel in reaching your fullest potential in the Professional and Personal areas of your life for the total work/life balance you desire.

Professional Career Program: This program is designed for the long-term or late career professional.

Classic Coaching Program:  This program is designed for the entry-level professional.

Elite Coaching Program: This program is designed for the team lead/supervisory professional.

Premium Coaching Program: This program is designed for the management professional. 

Platinum Coaching Program: This program is designed for the upper management professional - Director and above.

Baby Boomers Focus Program: This program is specifically designed for the seasoned career professional.

Millennial Focus Program: This program is specifically designed for the mid-level professional.



All programs include a Strategic Discovery Consultation, Weekly Meetings and Resources throughout the length of each program.

Contact us via our contact page or call 770-597-8259 to schedule your Strategic Discovery Consultation.

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